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About AOF

AOF Service alimentaireAOF service alimentaire is a Québec-based company that distributes a wide range of food and non-food products to the hotel, restaurant and institutional sectors. From its 126,000‑ft2 warehouse in the Centre-du-Québec region, AOF supplies a full line of products throughout the province.

Our mission is to become the Québec leader in the food services sector by focusing on creating a dynamic team and a partnership approach. At AOF, our job is to take care of you!

Our commitment

At AOF, our job is to take care of you!
To fulfill this commitment, AOF offers:
  • personalized service by assigning an internal and external representative to each client;
  • a single outlet for all your needs;
  • a vast network of suppliers and the high-quality SAROMA private brand;
  • a predetermined delivery schedule and efficient service;
  • contact with experienced experts;
  • access to its test kitchen;
  • a user-friendly online ordering service;
  • and much more...


In 1995, veteran businessman Paul-André Ouellet purchased Les Aliments Oncle Fred, a company founded in the 1970s. Driven by his ambition to always offer his clients more and to expand his distribution territory, he made several strategic acquisitions over the years that allowed him to offer a full line of products under one roof, positioning himself among the top players on the Québec market.
Today, under the direction of his son Hugo Ouellet, the company operates under the name AOF Service Alimentaire. It has access to over 20,000 products and contributes to the success of close to 2,500 clients throughout Québec.