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Frozen food

We have a wide variety of frozen cakes, vegetables and meals available. Our frozen foods are the ideal complement to your services.


Cakes, pies and cookies

  • Round or sheet cakes
  • Baked or unbaked pies
  • Cookies and wafers
  • Muffin mixes
Frozen fruits

Fruits and vegetables

  • Regular and specialty fruits
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables


  • Frozen juice
Corn dogs and onion rings

Corn dogs and onion rings (fried foods)

  • Corn dogs (Pogo)
  • Onion rings
Prepared meals

Prepared meals

  • Chinese, Mexican meals
  • Finger foods, appetizers
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Prepared meals, meat pies, tourtière
Breads, tortillas, bagels, pastries

Breads, tortillas, bagels, pastries

  • Wide variety of packaged breads, baguettes (pre-cooked or not)
  • Pastries, croissants
  • Pizza dough
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