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Tips from:  Daniel Lévesque
Boeuf Black Angus programme 1855

1855 Black Angus Beef program

Check out our 1855 Black Angus Beef program to find out what makes it so unique.

  • Only Black Angus cows.
  • Angus cows are scientifically proven to be exceptionally tender and flavourful, with a high degree of marbling.
  • Grain‑fed for at least 100 days to achieve an outstanding taste.
  • Only 13% of animals meet the 1855 selection criteria.
  • All of our Angus cows are USDA certified.
  • Only “A” maturity animals are selected.
  • Animals are hand-picked to achieve maximum marbling for Choice products (+ 2/3) and Prime products.
  • 1855 beef comes from the only two farms in the region known for the quality of their Angus herds (Grand Island, Nebraska, and Souderton, Pennsylvania).
  • All carcasses are electrically stimulated.
  • The maximum weight of calcium hydroxide-treated carcasses is 1,000 lb., and the Rib eye surface is 10‑16 sq. in. to ensure consistent portions.