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Tips from:  Daniel Lévesque
Prix du boeuf

Beef prices

Professional advice

• PORTION CONTROL. The cut accurately, esttrès important One ounce, which does not really seem on the knife, can vary the cost of a portion of 75 ¢ to $ 2.50 if it is not wanted the exact weight;
• Without touching the quality of beef, steak REDUCE PORTION the plate by substituting a less expensive cut or fill the plate with more generous toppings and worked, vegetable, for example. The consumer is changing and many customers will prefer more eptites portions;
• VALUE OF CUPS LESS NOBLE. "The problem is that we tend to always buy the same cuts. If everyone buys the same thing, took it's always going to be increasing "(Canada Beef).

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To read the article in full, see the following link: http://www.myvirtualpaper.com/doc/magazine-hri/hri_ete_2015/2015042701/#38